Q: What is PNI ?
A: PNI stands for Perl Node Interface. It is a node based visual programming language, so it permits you to build programs graphically even if you are not a programmer.

Q: Which is PNI target ?
A: PNI could be used for really every purpouse, but, the main target is genetic researchers which are not  full time programmers and need to use Perl to do their job.
If one day one person will get well from a genetic disease thanks to PNI, it will be the greatest satisfaction for my work.

Q: Does PNI run on my OS?
A: Yes, probably! Check out this report.

Q: What are nodes and edges?
A: Consider a node just like a lego block of code that you can wire with other nodes using edges. This allow you to rapidly create a program since code is executed while you are adding nodes and edges.

Q: Is it possible to extend PNI ?
A: Yes, even if you are a begginer Perl programmer it is easy to extend PNI writing new nodes.