Feb 5, 2011

Using Google Docs to draw UML Class Diagram

Yep! Perl Node Interface (a.k.a. PNI) version 0.1 was released on CPAN. I restarted writing it from scratch again to clean up, design my API and add the holy unit tests.

I was googling looking for google docs uml shapes, cause it would be really usefull - I mean for a small project like PNI - to have an uml class diagram published as a shared google document.

Of course, this is not a professional solution, but I realized that everything I need to draw a naive uml class diagram in google docs was there ...


check out my PNI Class Diagram,


feel free to use this basic model:  UML Class Diagram Template.

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  1. There is a better alternative called creately, that supports XML in the market. Its not free, but free to try. I've been using it via Google Apps store to draw class diagrams and import to google docs ever since. Its a good to draw class diagrams .