May 30, 2010

PNI is born

Hi! I'm an italian mathematician.
I really like Perl philosophy as Larry jokes a lot even if
he is one of the masters of hacking.

PNI stands for Perl Node Interface.

It is my main project, my contribution to the great Perl community.
Node programming is really interesting since makes possible to realize
a program even if you have no idea about programming.

Think about genetic researchers, for example.
They need to focus on protein chains, not on what a package is.
Maybe they can do an extra effort and say the world "variable" or "string"
or even "regular expression" and that makes them proud, but they don't care about inheritance.

They want things working and they need Perl ...
but if you say Strawberry they think about yogurth, not about Windows.

There are a lot of visual programming languages (VVVV, Puredata, Max/Msp)
but normally they target artists and interaction designers.
I saw a lot of vjs and musicians do really complex programs
with those softwares, and they never wrote a line of code.

This is my effort to provide a node interface that brings Perl power
to people who don't know the Perl language.

Perl is not dead !

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